Beat the end of Summer blues and be ready to tackle school like a BOSS.

It’s that time of year, where we pack away the suitcases and bring out the backpacks.   The time where most parents dread the “school battles” ahead.

I have put together my  to do list to take on the battle.  The best ways to beat the end of Summer blues and be ready to tackle school like a BOSS!

  1. Create a schedule. Make it visible for the whole family. It works well for everyone to see what is happening. I suggest doing this now and wean into the rhythm, so they don’t get “school shocked”. You can adjust as needed.
  2. Restock the pantry. If your home is anything like mine the pantry never seemed  full all Summer, because they seemed to never stop eating! My favorite places to stock up are Smart and Final and Costco. I find it easiest to buy in bulk once a month and the fillers along with fresh produce weekly.
  3. Go through your kids drawers BEFORE you go back to school shopping. Do they really need an entirely new wardrobe or maybe just a few select items? If they have grown out of a size or style bag it up and donate it.
  4. Going back to number one, expand on your command center! Having a central place for the endless papers you will encounter is necessary.
  5. Make sure that you and anyone else you are sharing responsibilty with have a synced calendar! My husband and I use google calendars and I color coordinate items.

Here is our new schedule on display. I got this folding chalkboard from Michaels, right now it is 30% off!

These five things will ensure you start the school year off smoothly. Check back soon to see what I include in my command center.

~xo Diana


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