Command center station

Running a home is much like running a business, you are the CEO of your home. Every successful business has a version of a command center. Think back to the backroom of your job. There was a place employees had to clock in and out. The line up or schedule would be posted along side any newsletters.

If you caught my last post about how to beat the Summer end blues in five steps, you saw I listed having a command center! 

In our household we juggle multiple things at once. I’m sure many of you can relate to this. It is key to have organization, and know that it will get messed up from the floor up frequently. But alway having a base line of what to go back to will help the whole family reset and keep going.


Having the boys know what is coming up helps so much, especially with Ayden. So we have a large monthly calendar along with a weekly calendar. On the weekly we keep things that are recurring only. This is not where we keep our daily to-do lists. They refer to the calendar to see if anything extra is happening.



I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate having all of our personal business on show. We entertain rather often and having too much interest in what we have going on just bugs me! So I decided to utilize our upstairs hallway.  I have a backpack and jacket hook for each child.

In the middle I have two compartments. One for “notes for parents”  and then above that is their folder. In their folder I keep weekly papers/schedules they have. Like sports or homework packets.

Each kid has their own  Personal tracking books hanging from their hooks. Those are where I track their points, opps marks and allowance. More on those in another post. Above the hooks are their points charts. As they earn points they get tally marks. I love these chalk stone pieces, found at Michaels for under $5 each.

Last things on the command wall is the day tracker and chore chart.  As the day progresses each of the kids are responsible for moving their tile down the track. They have to reach the finish line to earn their points for the day.  The chore chart is versatile and easy to rotate their chores as often as needed. These are available on the blog store , Shop Threads.

I hope this helps give you some great ideas to make or revamp your command center to fit your home.


~xo Diana


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