Party for less than $150

In our home we celebrate one birthday a month, from April-November. A lot of fun always happening, but as you can imagine it adds up so we have to be budget aware.

Celebrating a birthday is such a fun and enjoyable time, where kids are looking forward to hanging out with their friends and family. Dreaming about what kind of presents will they get and how much fun it will be.   As a parent we want to go all out and make the most pinterest worthy party that will be all the rave.

Then the budget comes into play and we are put back to reality..

The first thing you have to do is think about your budget. How much do you have to spend on this event. Do not forget to add in all of the elements. A few things such as decorations, food, presents, goodie bags, games and anything else you have. Entertainment perhaps.   Then establish your theme and break down that list to must haves and wants.

Which is what I did here for Lincolns party, he chose a Jumanji jungle theme.  I knew we would have approximately 25 guests to feed,  cake,  presents,  decorations and goodie bags. Then breaking down to must haves, knowing that the number one thing was to get him his present. A leopard gecko.


We opted to do nachos and grapes, it goes a long way and can please a wide array of tastebuds! Instead of splurging for a tiered cake, we got a 8″ cake with 24 cupcakes. I printed off the cake topper that matched the invitations!

Then came the goodie bags. I knew I wanted to do something a bit “extra” so I splurged a little on the goodie bags. Making personalized bag for each guest. Inside was an individualized bag of popcorn, three pieces of candy and three miniature animal toys.

Tip: Do not put the address on the invitations. Instead write “Please RSVP for location” this helped with getting firm responses!


For decorations I really only had two major wants. The hanging banner and large number. I used real leaves on the banner and card stock. I ordered fake leaves and cut out card stock for the number wall. Take advantage of cardstock sales at places like Micheals, you can get packs as low as a dollar! I ended up adding an inflatable giraffe and zebra, they made for cute photo props!

For entertainment we planned to show the movie Jumanji outside with our projector, however we did not plan the timing well enough. Was a bummer but the kids just had a great time playing on the playground with each other. Never under estimate the simplicity of entertainment. Kids will be kids.

Here is the break down for Lincolns Jumanji party.

Leopard gecko: $35     Food: $38    Goodie bags: $19                                       Decorations: $33     Extra presents: $15

Whatever party or event you are planning next, just remember to establish your budget and have fun!  I am off to plan Emmetts party now for September, stay tuned for his theme and party details.


~xo  Diana

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