How to keep kids entertained while camping

Growing up camping is a wonderful childhood memory. Now having kids of my own I often wonder how did my mom do it? As fun as camping is, it is a lot of work! Well be that as it may her and I just took on the camping adventure with just her, myself and all my eight kids.    But before we went I knew I had to come up with a schedule.

You’re probably thinking “who the heck makes a schedule for camping?!” Um, this mama right here!

As relaxing as camping is and there is usually lots of day activities to keep kids busy, there is always a lull time. For me that tends to be when kids are waiting for dinner to be ready and “bored” around camp. Before we went on this trip I wanted to be prepared. I filled the schedule with a craft/activity they could do around camp, during that lull time.

Kids activities:      – Create your name using nature

                               – Scavenger hunt around camp

  – trace leaves

– play doh


__ It can be as easy as the picture shows. I grabbed brown lunch bags and listed their scavenger hunt items.___



We went camping for two nights. I refuse to camp for any less with all the work that goes into it, even two doesn’t seem long enough.  We live in Northern California and our go to location is Lake Tahoe, South shore. Luckily the drive is not too far, takes about a movie and a half.  haha

Here are a few side tips I have for those traveling with kids:

1. We are not able to check into your site until 2 p.m. So we did not get there until 1:30.

Don’t get there too early or your kids will be a wreck while you try to set up. 

                                        2. Have activities for them to do during lull times

                                                Especially with little kids, with small attention spans. 

                                         3. Your kids will always want to eat around camp.

                                              Create snack bags ahead of time. Put their names on them. This will help keep the locker tidy.

4.  Have FUN!!

Remember you are creating their childhood memories. Make it count.



From my pack to yours, enjoy your next adventure!  Come back and share what worked for you and any tips you have to share.


— Diana

Power of a Dum – Dum

 We all search for that magical way to get things done. 

The way to keep our kids happy, cooperative and quiet when we have a million errands to run, or even to do around the house.   No, there is no secret formula to make this happen but there are ways to get us by.   A little secret I do to keep my kids from being a complete disaster in public and me not to lose my head while trying to tackle my to-do list . . .  . .    dum-dums.


Seriously, I keep these gems in my purse, glove department, cupboards, pants pocket. . . Anywhere I could possibly be that I may need to pull out my secret weapon. {which is basically anywhere I am,  because I generally always have at least one my spawn in tow}

Mommy just needs to make an appointment, here’s a dum-dum. Mommy needs to pay the lady, here’s a dum-dum. Mommy is trying to put away laundry and not wake the sleeping baby, heres a dum-dum.  { it’s not an everyday thing, it definitely keeps its ‘special factor’  don’t worry}

I have found that a tiny dum-dum is perfect! Not too much sugar, they last just long enough to get your job done.   I am not one to just give my kids whatever they want, when ever they want it. However, I AM the mom that is not above bribing her children.

The next time you have an outing, or heck even at the house! Grab a pack of dum – dums         { I get them from our local dollar store for an entire bag!}

Bribe away mamas and tackle that to-do list!