Power of a Dum – Dum

 We all search for that magical way to get things done. 

The way to keep our kids happy, cooperative and quiet when we have a million errands to run, or even to do around the house.   No, there is no secret formula to make this happen but there are ways to get us by.   A little secret I do to keep my kids from being a complete disaster in public and me not to lose my head while trying to tackle my to-do list . . .  . .    dum-dums.


Seriously, I keep these gems in my purse, glove department, cupboards, pants pocket. . . Anywhere I could possibly be that I may need to pull out my secret weapon. {which is basically anywhere I am,  because I generally always have at least one my spawn in tow}

Mommy just needs to make an appointment, here’s a dum-dum. Mommy needs to pay the lady, here’s a dum-dum. Mommy is trying to put away laundry and not wake the sleeping baby, heres a dum-dum.  { it’s not an everyday thing, it definitely keeps its ‘special factor’  don’t worry}

I have found that a tiny dum-dum is perfect! Not too much sugar, they last just long enough to get your job done.   I am not one to just give my kids whatever they want, when ever they want it. However, I AM the mom that is not above bribing her children.

The next time you have an outing, or heck even at the house! Grab a pack of dum – dums         { I get them from our local dollar store for an entire bag!}

Bribe away mamas and tackle that to-do list!





Started with a POP!

For the longest time I have been stalling on getting this blog started, as I didn’t know where to begin.  Then it hit me start from the beginning!

Jackson and I met back in 2001, taking it back y’all. Picture a perky sixteen year old girl, who just got her drivers permit, walking into In- N -Out Burger {INO}. Looking to have the best day ever, get her permit and a job. In cork platforms, off shoulder white shirt, tight pants and a loose hip belt.

{ I just threw those shoes away last week! They finally broke, very sad day. One of my all time favorite pairs. } Okay back to the story…

I walked right up to the counter all bubbly “Hi, I’d like to speak to the manager and turn in my application”. And out of the corner of my eye I see this super cute boy, working the board. {where they assemble burgers} Our eyes met and I shied away. Then I hear this, POP. POP. Look over and see him slapping these bags on his leg. Now for my fellow friends who have worked at INO, we call{ed} it “popping the bags”. Made them open nicely, etc.. Anyway, come to find out popping them that loud is more of an attention thing. Think of it like a Lion struttin his stuff. haha.

Fast forward few weeks.. I got hired.

{I found out about a year later, I got hired on a bet. The manager at the time was Jacksons brother in law. He said he would only hire me if Jackson asked me out! }

It took him about four to five months before he worked up the courage to ask me out. And the way he did it was so cute. Remember that permit I told you I got, well I still couldn’t drive alone. So after a work meeting I was calling my mom to pick me up. Before I hung up, in walked Jackson who yelled across the back room “need a ride? I can give you a ride” .


I took the ride and to this day we are still going on a ride. It has been filled with highs and lows,  blessings and struggles. But we never run out of gas.  No matter what you and your partner go through, never run out of gas.



{Our engagement shoot 2004}                                       {Family session 2017}



Hi there + Welcome to Tales of Ten!


I’m Diana, and my husband Jackson and I have eight beautiful children. Ayden,  Brody,  Jackson “Jax”,  Owen,  Sawyer,  Lincoln,  Emmett and Phoebe.

We have been through so much on our life journey that we thought, let’s share some of the fine print with others! Knowing that everyones walk in life is different, the tales of our adventures may not reflect yours. However we hope they can provide you with encouragement, relate-ability, laughs and  more. I like to keep it real and the content within these tales will be just that, real.

I hope you enjoy the journey of life with us through our Tales.


Just a family of ten from Northern California.

Sharing the fine print of parenting

These are our tales… 


xo>  Diana