Phoebe turns two

During my pregnancies the doctor and I always laughed about my due dates. That by some sort of miraculous planning every birth was in a different month.

When we decided to have an eighth child we knew we had a very specific window, May. It was the only month open. As all the rest of our boys are from April – November, minus May. We had it all planned out and then to our surprise, because we didn’t know it was possible to get pregnant at the time, we were pregnant and due end of April. Never have I wished for my pregnancies to go past full term. haha

In this family we have a schedule to keep!

So fast forward to Phoebes birth, doubling up our April birthdays. Even still, for the second year now she is still celebrated in May! I wonder if she will just start saying her birthday is in May. Either way, we loved celebrating her! And allowing her to have her own birth month, just to feel a little extra special.

We celebrated with a sweet Minnie Mouse party, full of pinks, gold and glitter! Wanted to keep it simple, as it was a rainy day and I spent two full days cleaning like a mad woman to host indoors, between rain storms.

Guests enjoyed a candy buffet, in place of goodie bags. Snack bar with fruit, chips and crackers. I scored a wood sign at my local Michaels for $2, I had guests sign it for a keepsake! We planned her party purposely for 1:30 – 4:30. After lunch, but before dinner to help keep costs down.

Party tip! If you want to cut back on food costs. Plan your party after lunch and before dinner

For activities we did good old fashioned pin the bow on Minnie. Along with a birthday girl appropriate art activity. I picked up these color in paddle boards, a pack of 6 for $5 and a 18 pack of color in puzzles, for $8. For your next party be sure to check out Michaels.

I made her a ribbon skirt to match her crop top, that you can find here . Her skirt is now a perfect decoration in her room, which is first on the project list this Summer!

Til next time ~ xo Diana

Parent, like a boss.

                                         Parent, like a BOSS!

My New year resolution was to put more focus on my family. Those that know me probably thought, how? Because I am all about my family already. Why do I feel like I need to do more? Something I realized a short time ago was that I was lacking in putting enough effort into my family on a deeper level, not just the surface.  That I wasn’t giving my family the attention and real care that it needed.

As you can imagine, in a household with many children and a wide range of ages, with three having special needs and owning business { the list goes on }, we are busy. And I don’t like to tell my kids no when it comes to their activities. I want them to experience as much as possible in their childhoods! That just adds to our schedule, one more thing to do.

Jackson works a full time job with loads of on call and my business is continuing to grow and expand. Which means we put in a lot of hours to our jobs. Just the other day I had five meetings in one day.  IEP, PTA, Tech and branding for DHP, New hires…   It was a long day. I put in the time and effort to make those meetings happen. Those meetings needed to happen, to make growth and progress within my business and their education. I planned out meeting notes, questions and ideas. I left each meeting feeling as though so much was accomplished.

Meanwhile, at home it was ” We’ll handle it later” or “I’ll see what I can do” and just put it to the side and back to work.

If we put as much effort into shaping and helping form our family

{ and not in a physical numbers sense } it would help us grow stronger, together. 

After I had this light bulb moment I viewed my family as a business. Made my notes of “what’s working and what’s not”, then put into place Family meetings. I mean I take time to make all of these other meetings happen, it’s time to make it happen for the family too. After we called our first meeting it was amazing the immediate result! We went over all aspects of our daily chaotic life, heard each child out on their views of things. From what they want to eat, to what frustrates them.

Here’s some ideas to go over at your family meeting:





Ground rules for our family meetings, to keep it productive.

  1. For every complaint, they need to have an idea on how to address it. 
  2. We raise our hands, no talking over one another.
  3. Respectful of others ideas and concerns. { Important that they feel like they can talk openly }

To have a strong family, a strong business, the leader {mom + dad}

are only as strong as their employees {kids} are. 


We will now be having bi-weekly family meetings and putting lots of good ideas from he kids into play. Already, the stress levels for the kids and Jackson and I are way down. Because we are all working as a team. I’m excited to share more on what we come up with during our meetings, so stay tuned. In the mean time, plan out your family meeting and let me know how it goes!


Til next time parent like a boss.