DIY Valentines


How to make 135 Valentines for less than $10!

 Being a mom of so many I am always looking for ways to keep the costs down, especially around holidays.  While browsing through my local dollar store I found these! Glow stick packs of 20. I knew I had to find a way to use them, because I mean they come in packs of 20…   I have to make 135 Valentines. lol

For these Valentines you will need…..

Supplies list:  (x) packs of glow sticks.

(I bought seven to cover the amount I needed)

Hole punch


        Plain paper. I used a heavier cardstock.



After I grabbed, seven of these I headed home on a mission. I wanted to keep them simple but fun. Got on my computer and came up with a fun pun to attach! Grabbed my scissors and hole punch to cut out the tags and then punch holes for the sticks.


After you have them all cut out and punched, grab the glow sticks and start slipping them in.

Be careful not to activate any of them.

And Voilia!

Happy Valentine's Day!